Classic Osetra Caviar

With a medium to large-sized grain, Opus Select’s Osetra Caviar offers a premium, complex & deeply full flavored tasting experience. Buttery and distinctive, Osetra is among the most prized and celebrated caviars.

Egg Size: >2.5 mm
Color Variations: Amber to Dark
Texture: Firm to Semi-Firm

An amazing Osetra that I would definitely order again.

Opus Select Osetra Caviar comes from the same prized Russian Osetra species of sturgeon found in the Caspian sea. Russian Osetra sturgeon are raised in the USA and sustainably harvested to produce the finest example of Osetra caviar on the market today.

Taste Characteristics:

  • Buttery
  • Full, deep flavor
  • Complex yet versatile
  • Distinctive

Collections: Opus Select, Opus Select Caviar

Type: caviar

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