Golden Osetra Caviar

Whether it be for serving heads of states or used by the greatest chefs in the world, Golden Osetra has come to represent the ultimate symbol of rare luxury. Uniquely sweet, crisp, and clean, Golden Osetra has a light, noble golden yellow to amber color with medium sized grains.

Crisp and nutty in flavor, while still being very gentle. Absolutely recommended.

Opus Select Golden Osetra Caviar represents the ultimate production of the prized Osetra species originally found in the Caspian sea. Russian Osetra sturgeon are raised in the USA and sustainably harvested to produce the finest example of Golden Osetra caviar on the market today.

Taste Characteristics:

  • Clean & Crisp
  • Distinctive
  • Sweet
  • Nutty

Collections: Opus Select, Opus Select Caviar

Type: caviar

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