Premium Caviar (Paddlefish)

Opus Select is a premium caviar, harvested from wild caught species in the pristine rivers of the American West and and prepared in the Caspian tradition.

Mild and beautifully colored, the silver and gray pearls of our premium caviar make for a beautiful presentation. Its flavor is delicate, earthy, and buttery.

Deliciously assertive.... Very enjoyable and high quality - would order again! 

Opus Select Caviar's wild yet refined flavor is characteristic of the caviar harvested from native species found in the vast river systems of the American West. Using the highest quality & wild-caught sources, Opus Select features the very best in premium caviar.

Taste Characteristics:

  • Earthy
  • Medium Salinity
  • Buttery
  • Delicate

Collections: Opus Select, Opus Select Caviar

Type: caviar

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